Welcome to 21st Century Study Skills and Organization for Shorecrest Preparatory School

Hosted by Tracie Belt, Director of The Learning Center

21st Century Study Skills:

The purpose of this wiki is to share organizational and study skill tips for teachers, students and their families.
DEN GURU presentation is on the second page of this wiki and highlights the 21st Century study skills and gives examples of how to improve study skills for maximum engagement and learning.

Parent workshop: The Organized Student

presented by:
Tracie Belt, Director of The Learning Center

This workshop is offered to parents who want ideas on how to help their students become and stay organized.
It is designed to help parents realize that organization is more than just keeping a clean locker or room.
Students need to be taught organization and parents need to be able to model and help students set up an organization system that will work for them.

Topics covered at the workshop
Topic 1: Not all students have the same organization issues

What are the main organizational issues that students can struggle with:
  • Some students need help with time management and how to prioritize their work schedule.
  • Other students only need help with the paper involved with school. These students need a system to help them find the papers they need and have them at the ready when preparing for tests.
  • Spatial organization is sometimes an issue. How do I keep my locker, my room, my desk organized so I can find things and get to school or class on time.
  • Other students can struggle with transitional organization (they become disorganized when they switch activities or move to a new place)

Topic 2: Organization issues your child needs help with and what to do about it

A. How to keep your paper and books organized at school
The SOAR SYSTEM by Susan Kruger
*Once you reach these sites, please bookmark the page for easy future acces

Your user name is: tracieb@shorecrest.org
Your password is: shorecrest55

Website link is below:

access your SOS Binder Instructional Video
A way to organize all your school paper and reduce it to fit in a 1 1/2 binder.

You may also access this bonus video, How to Create a Dynamic Study Space

B. Is your child a piler or a filer? You need to know and here is how, take the quiz called piler filer quiz online and see for yourself.

identifying your organization style is important.. You may not have the same organizational personality as your child. If you set upa

How to find out what organization system you prefer and other helpful videos:
piler/filer quiz

Pick the organization theme that works for your learning style

I'm both at the same time. I am a piler and filer system

Two moms give advice on locker and backpack organization

Great locker organizer and it works in any size locker

Topic 4: Space Organization at home
Our consultant for how to link your school and home organization is
Molly Davis.
Molly Davis is a local professional organizer and owner of the company Simplify: Household Organization. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers as well as a Shorecrest parent of two and spouse of one. Please give Molly a call if you would like more help with the home/school organization connection or any other organizing tasks you may want to consult her about.

Establishing a link between school and home

Topic 5: There is an app for that!Organized-ipad.jpg

What organizational apps are there for a tablet or smart phone.
hocus focus
I procastinate
note shelf

Topic 6: Open discussion and tried and true organizational tricks to try with your child